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Artistic Statement:

My work currently focuses on the revisualization of the myriad of dynamic data streams that surround us and shape our lives. These streams are all around us: television, radio, print media, culture, the global Internet, and our sensory input. That constant influx of data is my metaphorical sculpting clay as I aim to make the resulting work a culturally visible clash of the living source-medium.

I've largely abandoned shrink-wrapped software and my current work joyously reflects the new freedoms and possibilities afforded by writing that software generating my art by myself. Too many practioners of Digital Art falling into the "demo or die" mentality and producing work that fails to be particularily grounded in any sort of conceptual exploration or meaning. The practice and execution of this art should aim to ask and answer provoking questions, both conceptual and technical.

Interactivity is not the end-all or be-all of digital art! What the artist is trying to express is.

In our technology saturated age we take our digital presence for granted - but under the surface of interface and old paradigms of communication there exists deeper levels of meaning and representation that I hope to explore.


Edward Tang was born in 1979 near Seattle, WA. After successful surgery on his skull at four months old, his doctor recommended to his parents that he study violin to test his hand - eye coordination. At the age of four he immediately displayed a talent for the instrument and later went on to study piano, music composition, voice, and other stringed instruments. He won recognition as a composer and performer, and was active as a soloist and a part of various ensembles throughout the Seattle area.

After graduating from Mercer Island High School in 1997, he came to New York University to study Music Technology. He continued to perform, serving as the concertmaster for four years for the orchestra and instrumentalist for over 50 recitals and concerts. There his interests in integrating arts and technology began, experimenting in the electronic music studios and working as a digital music editor for broadcast television and the web. He graduated with honors and was recognized by his department for his leadership and academic achievements.

Edward then went on to graduate study at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. There his interest in electronic gaming and music inspired work that integrated 3D graphics, music, and game like interactivity. He exhibited two interactive 3D works at the Villette-Numerique digital art festival in Paris just one year into his graduate studies. In under two years he has also presented physical installations as well as his screen based works at other venues throughout Europe and New York City.

Edward is continuing to perform and work as an artist and designer in and Seattle, WA, creating new pieces that blend sound, 3D graphics, video, and sculpture. Recently his works have been recognized on Rhizome.org and Neural.it and he has become an advocate for the ethical use of software by artists and the support of open source equivalents in lieu of pirated software. He has also been invited to participate in several international events, including the 2003 incarnation of the Vigil of Planetary Net Art and Machinista 2004 offline festival in Glasgow, Scotland.

Edward will begin PhD work at the DXARTS program at the University of Washington in Fall 2004.

Many of Edward's works are are available for installation for artistic events and other public venues. Prints are availible for many of the still images on the site as well. For more information, you can e-mail Edward Tang at edtang @ antiexperience.com or visit his website at ../..

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