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Dynamic Bodies Coursework

"The world around us moves in complicated and wonderful ways. We spend the earlier parts of our lives learning about our environment through perception and interaction. We expect the physical world around us to behave consistently with our perceptual memory, e.g. if we drop a rock it will fall due to gravity, if a gust of wind blows, lighter objects will be tossed by the wind further. This class focuses on understanding, simulating, and incorporating motion-based elements of our physical world into the digital worlds that we create. Our hope is to create intuitive, rich, and more satisfying experiences by drawing from the perceptual memories of our users."

- James Tu 2003

All of the below require the Shockwave plugin.

Galaxy - An experiment with orbital motion, velocity and acceleration, particle systems, and rapidly developing an interactive 3D application for the web.All the modeling done in 3DS Max.


Musical Orbit Box - A simple musical abstract toy. Each sphere represents a sound that plays back as it crosses over the "bow" on the ground. The direction of the ball as it orbits around the pole, modifable by the clickable box switches on the pole, determines the direction of the sound playing back.


Happy Swinging Tail Ball Thing - An experimenting in implementing 3D spring code (without using Havok!). Moving your ball avatar with the arrow keys around the world causes the avatar's tail to swing. The collision of tail segments with the cubes in the space causes sound playback.

Cellular Automata "Shooter" - A non interactive piece that draws out a predefined cellular automata by shooting out and positions spheres in 3D space.


Musical Flocking Prototype - a prototype for a completed piece. (up soon!)


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