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Installation Work:


"The Watchers"

Every society has created inanimate guardians for their protection. The great Colossus of Rhodes was built to guard the entrance to the harbor at Rhodes. Two stone lions guard the front of the New York City library. Thousands of terra cotta warriors stand silently in formation guarding Chinese emperors in their tombs. These guardians, like symbols, can be interpreted on both the sensory and cultural levels of understanding. They bring a certain presence of authority and surveillance that other inanimate inhabitants elements of a space cannot.

In our modern age we live under very different forms of authority and surveillance, and many of our former guardians are relegated to the position of mere cultural artifact. This installation work examines the idea of the iconic guardian by turning our shared symbols of humans into guardians of a space that is both virtual and real. These Watchers constantly survey the world around them through digital eyes, react to each other's findings, and comment on them through their data displays.





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"The Watchers/Sea"

When we refer to an experience where we're part of a large crowd of people, we often refer to it as being in a "sea of humanity," as if the other people and the air around them formed a water environment that one can swim in.

Instead of merely watching, these avatars float in their own virtual substrate, constantly surveying the world around them through digital eyes, and commenting on it through their own reflective visual appearance and behavior.

Exhibited at Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn NY, in Fall 2003.



Some still renders of the projected graphics: (click to see full size)


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