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Molotov Landscapes

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"Molotov Landscapes" is a reaction and indication of support for artist Joy Garnett and the legal threats placed against her by a photographer who owns the copyright to the photograph that Garnett derived her painting "Molotov" from. These images were created using my custom software using the painting as the basis for the geographical forms to emerge out of. For more information about the technology and methodology, please visit my main page as linked above and see my other works.

For more information about Garnett and the controversy, please visit the discussion thread at Rhizome.org http://rhizome.org/thread.rhiz?thread=12168&text=23419#23419 and the other sites listed here.

Thank you.

click on a picture for a larger version

The software was created in Windows C++ using Visual C++ .NET and OpenGL for graphics.


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