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"Threads" Visual Prototype

A common paradigm in the new media genre are pieces that reflect some aspect of the viewer's visual appearance - virtual "mirrors" that take in live video input (usually via webcam) and then feed back that visual data in intriguing ways. My interest in using this technology is not to simply present a two dimensional "mirror," but to combine that effect with 3D graphics, creating an onscreen virtual space that is sculptural and architectural, as well as, graphical. I call the approach "3D Video Sculpture."

"Threads" is a interactive work using a webcam and specialized software to generate an interactive 3D Video Sculpture on a computer screen.


click on a picture for a larger version


These images and video are documentation of a technical proof of concept for the new series of 3D Video Sculpture titled "Threads." Instead of the layers of colored cubes used in the "Trails" works, these works will experiment with the use of thin intricate colored lines and points to build structures of abstract presence.


click on a picture for a larger version


While this in itself is presentable as a completed work the works based off this visual concept will, similiar to my earlier works, examine aspects of networked identity, social experiences, and persistence of presence.

Check back soon for more "Threads" works.


Click here to view "Threads: Visual Prototype" in motion!. (8.94 MB Quicktime Movie)


The software was created in Windows C++ using Visual C++ .NET, using Quicktime for live video capture and OpenGL for graphics.


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