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3D Image Landscapes: Viva Las Vegas!

Much like how the "3D Video Sculpture" works take a live video image and transforms it into a 3D sculpture on the screen, the aim of "3D Image Landscapes" is to do the same with still images, with the intent to generate alternative digital interpretations of the pixel's color data. It is a natural extension of "Landscapes of Self," except the software has been rewritten to import images like jpegs or gifs.

The software works with simple principles of 3D extrusion - brighter colors stick out further from the surface of cubes that make up the plane of the image than darker ones. When the array of semi transparent cubes are viewed from different angles, the original image disappears and becomes a abstract landscape of lights and colors. The 3D landscape can then be "flown" over and around to find a perfect "camera angle" for which to take a snapshot of the virtual space.

What this software and the visual works aim to do is explore the different ways data from a piece of electronic media can be transformed from something firmly representational (like the data that creates pixels that make up a digital photograph) to an abstractly topographical space that can be "traveled" through and frozen in time, uniquely reinterpreting the original moment captured by the original digital image with very different results.

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The software was created in Windows C++ using Visual C++ .NET, using the Quicktime API for image importing and OpenGL for graphics.

A big thanks to nehe.gamedev.net.

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