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Latest News:

"Threads://Porn_Personals.html" is being exhibited at the People Doing Strange Things with Electricity II show running at the Center on Contemporary Art in Seattle, WA until March 3rd. Details are here.

A big thanks to all who came out and made the opening a massive success!

"Trails #1 & 2" and "Net/Body Motion" - Interactive screen based "3D video sculpture" works examining our visual identity and the "lag" effect imposed by technology on our networked presences. "Trails #1 #2" is being featured over at Neural Magazine's website! (1/14/04) Click here to see the article. (English translation coming soon!)

Trails #3 ("Bricks") & #4 ("Light Trails") - new works using the "3D video sculpture" engine that strip away elements of detail and direct representation and move toward the realms of abstraction and structure. -


"Landscapes of Self" - using 3D video sculpture to capture still moments in time, transforming a camera snapshot into futuristic geography.

"3D Image Landscapes: Viva Las Vegas!" - a collection of 3D images generated by a modified version of the software behind "Landscapes of Self" that now creates topographical color studies from still images, in this case, photographs from my vacation in Las Vegas.

Molotov Landscapes, a collection of 3D images using as part of the "Joywar" initiated by other artists on Rhizome.org is now linked to the general public. Click here for more information and links.

"Christmas Light Sculpture" - a holiday themed "3D video sculpture" that breaks out of squares and grids for the first time. Happy Holidays!

Threads://Porn_Personals.html - A collaboration with Jeanne Strole. The dream of making love, as represented by the abstract motion of a video clip of porn in 3D Video Sculpture form, gives life to online personal ads. WARNING: may contain objectionable content to minors.

Threads://HTML - a new work, bringing together visual ideas from "Threads" and connecting 3D Video Sculpture to the Internet to explore new ways of reconciling humanity and the underlying code of the World Wide Web.

"Threads" #1 - the beginnings of a new series of 3D Video Sculpture works, transforming camera input into woven threads of presence.

"Light Cube" - An interactive screen based "3D video sculpture" work examining the sculptural possibilities of virtual light beams.

"Money is Everything" - a piece of music concrete recorded and engineered in collaboration with Paul Lee (composer). The original sound source (found sound) is a recording of coins cascading into a ceramic bowl, which is manipulated numerous times. Click here to listen! (4.9 MB MP3, some very quiet audio content)

3D proce55ing work - applets exploring the 3D possibilities of proce55ing.

Click here for archive of works and research.


e-mail me at edtang at antiexperience.com

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Ethically, I don't believe that digital artists should be publicly presenting works created with pirated or unlicensed tools, regardless of commercial potential or venue - it isn't okay for an painter to be stealing paintbrushes and paint. All my works from December 2003 on as well as this website reflect this belief. I do understand that some software can be outrageously (and sometimes unreasonably) expensive, so here are some links to open source and/or free solutions for creating and publishing digital content that I personally use nowadays instead of software I don't legally own. I urge you to support these important and impressive projects and tools.

The GIMP - Extremely powerful open source Photoshop solution.

OpenOffice - Office tools, including a Draw application and PDF export.

Blender3D - Fully featured 3D modeling and animation tool.

Proce55ing - a free programming environment for web publishable Java based applets.

nehe.gamedev.net - a free site providing probably the best way ever to learn OpenGL.

openAL- the open source 3D audio brother to OpenGL.